"Senorita" - a local luxury designer brand that blends traditional design with modern appeal. As an aesthetically focused brand, "Senorita" is infused with unique Indian heritage, traditions, design inspiration and craftsmanship. The brand, its theme and the catalog blend well with the Party loving Men & Women. Wedding, Anniversary or any milestone event, our brand offer unique appeal, comfort and most importantly a 'wow' from everyone.


Style is about who you are, what you try to express, how happy you are and not giving a dam. In a world full of trends, we love you to remain classy, unique & happy. Only rule we follow is not to sale anything that makes your dress or your day boring. We believe happy girls are the most prettiest and a girl without fashion is boring. Tomorrow is just another day and its cool to look pretty !

Senorita is our 2nd start up Fashion brand, after our grand success with traditional line up "Mohini"(  "Treasure House of Blouses by Mohini" is now one of the best designer blouse collections in America.  


While Mohini will continue to innovate in Designer Blouse and Traditional Saree segment - Senorita will carry upscale line up for party collections. Both of our brands believe in selling "Fashion", not "Clothing". Our goal is not just to buy products from Point A and sale at Point B. We collaborate with leading Fashion Designers from India and jointly fund fashion projects/firms. We have partnership with some leading fashion schools in India, weavers, modeling agencies & other support groups from Film & Entertainment domain. While we continue carrying 3rd party design/products, will also have our own design and own products.