A classy handcrafted piece of Lotus is brought to life by it's three dimensional blooming effect amidst its vines encapsulated by curvy twists of embroidered frame. The hand embroidery marks its presence by its vivid hues of purples which perfectly contrast against the shaded soft pink base lying underneath. Each and every petals are hand embroidered and beautifully crafted.


To place an order for this blouse, please call/whatsapp helpline at (303) 589 2336 https://wa.me/13035892336. Payment is processed over the phone or in person at store. 




Lotus - three dimensional blooming effect

  • This product is not manufactured in bulk, it's not available as readymade in store, your order may take 2-4 weeks time. In an unavoidable event, if we cant deliver this product - will refund full payment.