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Custom Blouse Stitching

Treasure House of Blouses

How it works

Choose from our designs at or bring your own design. We will evaluate if the blouse can be made with the given material. 

Meet with our designer in person or over WhatsApp video at +1 303-589-2336. We will help you with the  measurement and design evaluation..


Drop Off or ship your blouse materials to: Mohini, 43179 Ashley Green Dr, Ashburn, VA 20148 +1 303-589-2336


Important Dates:

  • Season 1: Submit by June 7th; delivery by July 30th

  • Season 2: Submit by December 7th; delivery by January 31st



  • Charge: $40 per blouse

  • Deposit: 50% upfront, balance upon delivery

  • An invoice will be sent to you.

  • In-Store Drop or Pickup: No shipping charge.

  • Domestic shipping may apply for remote customers.(USPS priority $9 onward, on actual)

Your material needs to cover the entire design, no extra embroidery or special laces are included in this offer. The final price can be determined during design evaluation.

In a rare case, if your material gets lost or damaged, we will issue full refund + additional $50 penalty.

Contact Us (3035892336) 

Thanks for submitting!

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