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Mohini on Wheels

Mohini on Wheels is a unique service where the fashion boutique comes to your door step. Customer can hop on the vanity van, choose the item, try the fittings and can have the alteration done. It's mainly intended for the customers who can't visit our store and our exhibitions. There is no price difference or obligation to purchase.


The visit is planned as per customer requests. Once customer makes a request, we contact them directly to enquire about the specific needs and bring products accordingly. For example - if a customer wants to buy blouse - we ask for advance information such as the occasion, blouse size, color & design preference If any. We prioritize the trip to an area where multiple customer homes can be served in a same trip. Wedding planning, kitty party or shopping with friends or neighbors - Mohini on Wheels is a fun and comfortable shopping experience.


We will advertise the city & dates. However, we request you register in advance so that we can plan in advance. 

Mohini on Wheels - Request Form

Request does not guaranty a visit. Service is only available for serious buyers, no obligation to purchase. Once you submit your request, we will contact you for more details. For any query, please call/text 303 589 2336, WhatsApp direct link

Thank you for submitting the request for Mohini on Wheels. We will contact you soon.

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