Miss Mohini America 2021

Yeh Taaj Ko Hein Apki Talaash 

Miss Mohini America is a unique beauty pageant contest, made easy & simple for anyone to participate. Although most of such contests focuses on personality, intelligence, talent – Miss Mohini just focuses on your beauty & overall appearance. We believe beauty is not proven or judged by your resume, ramp walk or your IQ. This contest gives a platform for woman who enjoys expressing themselves.

The contest is organized & funded by www.mohini.us and other sponsors. This contest will occur every year.

Selection Criteria

Panels from different background and profession (Fashion Designer, Professional Models, Entrepreneur, Dancer/Singer, Photographers, Doctor/Engineer/Teacher, Social Worker, Community Leaders) will score each participant with following criteria’s. 


Maximum total score – 1000


  • Overall “First Impression” - 300

  • Sense of Confidence - 100

  • Posture, Carriage and Grace - 200

  • Style & Uniqueness - 200

  • Photogenic Attractiveness and Charm – 200

  • Your Background, Career, Talent - 0 (not relevant)


For any query, you may contact  MissMohini2021@gmail.com, Whatsapp (303) 243 4569


Apart from the crown, both Miss & Mrs. Mohini winners may opt any one of the following rewards

  • 2 nights Hotel Stay in select Marriot Chain of Hotels in USA, India or Bangladesh

  • Any item from www.mohini.us store, within $200 limit

  • $200 worth of Mohini Gift Card


Every participant regardless of their score, automatically qualifies for a lottery. Winner gets 1 Saree gift on her birthday.

Mohini also offers paid modeling opportunity for aspiring models. Although it is not guaranteed, profile for every participant will be submitted to Mohini's media partner for screening. 



Last date of submission:  1st March’2021


Winners will be declared on: 21st March’2021


Submission Process & Specification

  • Any Female with 18+ age who is currently residing in USA may participate, regardless of citizenship/visa status.

  • Participation is free for this year. 

  • Maximum 2 minutes single video, horizontal or vertical mode, MP4 or MOV format preferably taken with sufficient lights and good background.

  • You may choose any presentation style, content must be video (no static picture). For video. try to take captions from multiple angles, video must show the face and full length video of the participant.

  • Sarees only, you may choose any (one or multiple) of your favorite sarees within 2 min video

  • Due to privacy reason, video must contain image of Participants only, should not show anyone else

  • You must register here before you upload video, we will send detailed instruction about Video Submission process


Miss Mohini America Registration

To register for this contest by 1st March'2021


  1. Scores will not be made public. Panels decision is final and the decision cannot be challenged.

  2. Organizer has rights to change the date and rewards

  3. Hotels rewards are for select hotels only, for single or double occupancy room. Dates or specific room category cannot be guaranteed.

  4. Single lottery for both Miss & Mrs Category. Only one winner, Saree gift is decided by the organizer

  5. This contest does not guarantee modeling opportunity. 

  6. Organizer has rights to post your video in any of the social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) or in select websites. 

copyright @Mohini Group of Companies LLC & it's authorized partners, Unauthorized copy of the designs & pictures are subjected to IP rights