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Mohini stands as a prominent fashion house nestled within the Washington DC Metro Area. Founded by a dynamic duo, one a fashion photographer and the other an ardent fashion enthusiast, Mohini embodies a fusion of distinctive style, elegance, design ingenuity, and exceptional craftsmanship. Our core philosophy centers around the belief that fashion is a harmonious blend of carefully considered design, color, and materials that should resonate with one's individuality, mood, and the occasion at hand. We are dedicated to ensuring that every purchase you make is a positive and fulfilling experience.

At Mohini, our foremost commitments are twofold: to curate products distinguished by their unique style and to deliver top-tier customer service. Our overarching objective extends beyond mere transactions; we engage in collaborative partnerships with leading fashion designers, co-investing in product design endeavors. Moreover, we have forged alliances with esteemed fashion schools in India, weavers, modeling agencies, and various support groups hailing from the film and entertainment industry. Our approach to fashion is a comprehensive and collaborative one, encompassing all aspects of design, creation, and presentation.

Our journey commenced in 2013 with the launch of the "Treasure House of Blouses," which quickly became the largest collection of designer blouses in the United States. We proudly offer an extensive selection of over 4,000 designs from a multitude of designers. What sets us apart and delights our customers is our unique on-site alteration service, ensuring a perfect fit. To share our treasures, we routinely tour various cities across the US for exhibitions. In addition to showcasing third-party designs, we've also introduced our own unique creations and products. One such endeavor is "Senorita," Mohini's luxury designer brand, catering to Wedding and Party Girl Collections, including Bridal & Party Lehengas, Indo-Western ensembles, and Menswear. Senorita reflects our commitment to excellence and distinctive fashion for special occasions.

We aspire to be the No 1 Full Service Indian Boutique store in US

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